Automate consent from referral to discharge

ConsentWise is used by healthcare teams to improve workflow and deliver an improved consent journey for their patients.

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A single platform for consent

  • Create consent packs quickly

    Our system allows medics to search a database containing thousands of common medical and surgical procedures and to then customise or add new procedures own via our intuitive consent creation wizard.

  • Deliver consent direct to patients

    Our platform provides a much improved patient experience by allowing them to review, share and provide consent on any device.

  • Simplify communication

    Enable collaboration in the digital world between internal teams and external patients with our built in role based permissions, audit trails and medic-patient messaging centre.

Improve quality of information

  • Accessible eLearning for patients

    ConsentWise provides content in a highly accessible web format which uses supporting media such as images and video to explain the medical diagnosis and treatment options to patients.

  • Compliance & best practice built-in

    ConsentWise removes the need for a consenting clinic, and provides reassurance for the surgeon that each patient has been provided with the best information and opportunity to consider their procedure.

  • Simplify communication

    ConsentWise enables patient – surgeon communication. Questions can be raised by the patient and answered by the surgeon, without additional trips to clinic.

Gather important insights

  • Optimised patient information

    ConsentWise provides a library of high quality information about procedures and allows managers to review and monitor this information pro-actively.

  • Reduce costs and waste

    ConsentWise provides a lower cost solution with less waste. Data security is at the core of the solution which conforms to NHS and social care data guidance.

  • Track patient engagement

    ConsentWise constantly gathers data that allows managers to produce a range of reports, looking at patient compliance, which is valuable in supporting negligence claims.

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