About ConsentWise

In 2015, Mark Broadbent and his Orthopaedic Team were becoming increasingly frustrated with the consent process. They were spending valuable time locating and sharing, often outdated, patient information leaflets and carrying out related tasks. Losing both time and patience, he looked to co-founder, Robin Balmforth, and the idea behind ConsentWise was born. Today, ConsentWise empowers healthcare teams to easily transact with patients through personalised digital consent packs that can be created in minutes, shared instantly, and referred to forever.

How ConsentWise helps

Healthcare teams use ConsentWise to improve teamwork and speed up workflow to deliver an improved consent journey for their patients. These teams trust our flexible consent automation platform to augment their in-house consent processes.

Our mission is to fully modernise informed consent for medics and surgeons within the healthcare industry. Our solution has been shaped and informed by understanding the challenges of the healthcare system and responding with a flexible, fit for purpose platform. Our focus is, and always will be, on the user experience for our healthcare managers, the practitoners and their patients.

Our founding team have over 25 years experience in the fields of Healthcare, Digital Experience Design and Web Application Development.

Support during Covid-19

We are actively supporing health boards, trusts and private healthcare organisations in their response to the pandemic.


Our executive team

The people transforming consent in our healthcare system

Mark Broadbent

Robin Balmforth

Stewart McKee
Solution Architect

Our surgical panel

The stakeholders helping to shape our solution

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